Recently (09.04.2021) on the Russian TV channel "Ren TV" there was a program "If there was a sea of money" from the informative documentary project, To which Ivan Krasin, the chief geologist of the company "SpetsPro", was invited as an expert in geology. You can watch a recording of this show on YouTube.
Broadcast on Ren TV
We are currently continuing to test our Green Scout all-terrain vehicle. During the tests, it turned out that the requirements for the electrical wiring of the all-terrain vehicle are very high. Only specialized marine wiring can be used. The joints must be reinforced.
ATV News
   If we want to protect our green world and if we want to leave it green to our descendants, we must stop polluting our fields, forests, rivers and groves with exhaust gases, gasoline, oils and the noise of working engines. It is necessary that we switch to environmentally friendly electric modes of transport.
Save our world green

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